• Modes: Auto Take-Off, Auto Circle, Loiter, Auto Landing & Manual override
  • Auto Navigation up to 20 waypoints (Multi Rotor), 100 waypoints (Airplanes) & Target Waypoint
  • Auto Return-To-Home (RTH) in case of communications failure & Low battery
  • Auto Dissent and landing on GPS failure
  • Safety switch button
  • Latest and accurate IMU MPU9250
  • Has panic feature which, when enable reduces rapid ascent and descent (used to recover from spin).
  • Non Serial Mode
  • High magnetic interference resistance
  • Highly standard gains from small to large wings (size: 500mm to 3m).
  • Full functional GCS for Windows XP onwards
  • Same Auto Pilot hardware with firmware versions for
    • DRNC Fixed Wing (Glider and Blended Wing)
    • Rotary Wing Drones (Quadcopter X-Type, Hexcopter X Type)


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