The Menace of The Faceless Drone Operators

By: Zuppa geo navigation technologies - Nov 19, 2021

National regulators across the globe, who are normally used to only managing a few hundred aircrafts operated by just a handful of registered aviation companies, are now finding themselves responsible for the regulation of millions of drones that are being operated by unknown, faceless operators. Aviation security officials are now desperately looking for solutions to deal with rogue drones that dare to cross the line of sight at airports as well as no-fly zones. The spectrum of the faceless operator was best demonstrated in the case of incidents involving invasive drones at the Gatwick airport and other airports, wherethe operators of these menacing drones have not been caught or found. With drone numbers expected to triple in a few years, it is imperative that an urgent solution is found to this ever-growing problem, otherwise, the drone industry could surpass the critical point beyond which recovery would be virtually impossible. It is this huge identity gap that needs to be filled as a crucial first step in drone regulation.

The Dilemma That Regulators Across The Globe Are Facing 

Regulators across the globe are well aware of the many benefits of using drones in the fields of agriculture, drug delivery, heavy transport logistics, and GIS mapping, to name a few. More recently, drones have made headlines for all the wrong reasons. These are mostly related to security issues: e.g. drone flights over secure military installations, airports, nuclear plants etc. Considering the number of security breach scenarios that have been cited, anti/counter-drone technologies are emerging to be the most dynamic segment of thisindustry. 

Edging Towards A Solution 

Although most drone operators are capable of eloquently quoting a million potential use cases of drones, none of them are capable of solving the regulator’s dilemma. Like the automotive industry, which solved this dilemma with state-issued license plates, a digital system of identification could be adopted for finding/tracking droneowners’ information. Exponential growth in the drone industry is possible only if proper drone regulations are formulated,so the identities of all drones in the sky can be quickly established by the authorities. 

Features of Zuppa's Comprehensive UTM Solution 

At Zuppa IoT Solutions, our Unmanned Traffic Monitoring (UTM) solution allows for all independent drones to be equipped with embedded SIMs for Over-The-Air (OTA) Communication. This means that regulators can easily establish the identity of the owner of the drone in the event of a breach of air-space or drone malfunctioning. Other features include

  • SMS and OTP-based drone activation and deactivation
  • Live real-time tracking of a drone anywhere in the globe
  • Programmable violation alerts in case of tampering, disconnection, crash, etc.

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