The Benefits Of VTS And Why You Need It

By: Zuppa geo navigation technologies - Nov 19, 2021

Vehicle Tracking Systems or VTS as they are commonly referred to, are quite the rage these days. VTS devices are categorized into two types – active and passive tracking devices. While active tracking systems compile and relay data in real-time, passive systems collect the data and store them. This data is then extracted from the physical device upon its return to the main facility. A lot of VTS devices are also hybrids, in that they are capable of functioning as both active and passive devices. While passive tracking devices are cheaper solutions than their active counterparts, they are less functional and offer less value them as well. Some of the benefits of VTS devices and why they are needed are detailed below.

Reducing Costs

Among the many advantages that VTS devices offer, their cost saving advantages are most crucial. VTS devices help to improve the financial management of businesses using them. Crucial data on fuel consumption helps in improving fuel management and other factors such as vehicle misuse, drivers over speeding as well as improved management of time spent during idling and maintenance.

Concessions in Insurance Costs

Insurance companies often offer discounts to companies who employ VTS devices for the purposes of fleet management as these companies are more likely to be transparent about their operations and fleet management.

Improved Safety and Security

VTS devices have helped improve the safety and security standards of the fleet and transport systems of businesses across the world, drastically. The ability to avoid traffic jams, congested routes, take detours from accident-prone zones and areas with turbulent weather are all made possible thanks to VTS, along with the prevention of theft and misuse of vehicles.

Improved Customer Services

The critical information acquired from VTS also leads to improved and more efficient management of all business processes including customer service. Constant communication with the fleet management center helps fleets cater to the requirements of customers as they pop-up and also decide which customers are closest to them, thus helping offer better, quicker and more efficient customer services.

Improved Vehicle Maintenance and Management

With the help of the constant flow of data on critical parameters such as engine conditions, tire pressure and fuel consumption, vehicle engineers and maintenance experts can make decisions on how to improve the engineering of the vehicle by gaining a deep understanding of how their vehicles behave over time, through analysis of the data collected.

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