Machine Manufacturers Vs Machine Operators – Benefits Of IIoT Gateway Devices

By: Zuppa geo navigation technologies - Nov 19, 2021

ZUPPA IoT Solutions is a one of the handful of beneficiaries of the Government of India’s special Innovation fund that facilitates the development of their globally patented technology solutions such as their IIoT data gateway devices that revolutionize the way both machine manufacturers and operators analyze the behavior of their machinery, thus helping them gain an understanding of how to use them better. ZUPPA’s IIoT data gateway devices can help machine manufacturers and operators access crucial operational data off their machines remotely. Parameters on machine operations, operation status, and downtime, that are critical to gaining more knowledge in order to make better and full use of machinery is made seamless by these devices.

The Need For IIoT Data Gateway Devices

In order to allow for accurate data on your machinery to be delivered at the time you require it, upgrading to IIoT data gateway devices is mandatory. IIoT data gateway devices make room for the easy and quick acquisition of data, more efficient data logging as well as processing while guaranteeing data security and continuous, uninterrupted connectivity.

Benefits To Machine Manufacturers

When it comes to the advantages that IIoT data gateway devices offer machine manufacturers, they are –

● The capability to monitor the performance of a machine in real-time using performance sensors placed on your products in either research and development facilities or customer locations.

● The capability to optimize accessories and machine parts using research-driven methods such as data-driven analytics.

● The capability to make use of live operational data to transform the tech support and customer service aspects of a machine manufacturer’s services.

Benefits To Machine Operators

As far as the advantages that IIoT data gateway devices offer machine operators are concerned, they are –

● The capability to remotely monitor machine performance from several different locations on customized dashboards and highly advanced APPs.

● The capability to use the data from downtime, blackout monitors to reduce operational costs and make the process more efficient.

● The capability to use data-driven analytics to optimize machine repair parts and spares.

Technologically Advanced IIoT Data Gateway Devices From ZUPPA IoT Solutions                      

All products from ZUPPA IoT Solutions are developed about stringent and perennial research and development. The IIoT data gateway devices from ZUPPA are specially designed to offer users swift and seamless data acquisition, more efficient and accurate data logging and processing, as well as secure and smooth data connectivity. These devices work solely on the principle of accelerating the collection and integration of critical performance data, statistics and then making the data management and storage aspects easier. Contact ZUPPA IoT Solutions for more information on our highly advanced products, today!

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