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By: Zuppa geo navigation technologies - Nov 19, 2021

Most organizations that involve any sort of logistics in their functioning and services today make use of Vehicle Telematics Systems for a variety of different reasons. The capability to track vehicles is just one of the many functions of Vehicle Telematics Systems. Telematics involves the real-time monitoring of not just the vehicle’s movement but also other parameters that influence productivity. By combining a GPS system with onboard data and performance diagnostics organizations are gifted with information that they can then use to manipulate their mode of operating to make it more cost-effective.

Applications of VTS

VTS systems can be used in a range of industries for an array of purposes. Some of the most common applications of a VTS are in-

School VTS Systems

VTS systems are quite useful for the transport departments of educational institutions by providing them with important data such as Geotagged videos, RFID based attendance as well as alerts for both bus arrival and departure.

Cold Chain Applications

For vehicles, such milk tankers and others carrying fluids and gases, the capability of a VTS to deliver critical information on door/hatch/valve opening, container temperature, humidity, etc, is particularly useful.

Fleet/Vehicle Monitoring

VTS systems can also prove to be very beneficial to logistics companies in monitoring their fleets as well as restaurants, e-commerce chains to monitor their delivery vehicles. This helps prevent any misuse of the vehicles and also increase productivity in the long-run.

Monitoring of High-Value Transport Vehicles

For vehicles that carry out logistics operations for banks as well as military vehicles, security is paramount. Thus the monitoring of such high-value transport vehicles and cash vans by tracking every opening and closing activity in the vehicle as well as shutting and the opening of cargo bays, help facilitate safe and smooth operations.

Zuppa VeTrack Solution

The Zuppa VeTrack is a comprehensive VTS system that is easily configurable and offers a variety of functions such as –

● Real-time Location data

● Temperature data,

● Details of passengers on board,

● Door/hatch opening information, etc

All this information combined allows organizations to tweak their services for better coordination and more control. This, in turn, helps increase productivity and also reduce costs. With the data provided by a VTS, an organization can identify aspects of their service in which resources are being wasted. They can then take necessary steps toward training staff and mitigating these expenditures. If you’re looking for VTS manufactures in India, look no further! Contact Zuppa IoT Solutions for more information on our state-of-the-art VTS solutions, today!

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