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By: Zuppa geo navigation technologies - Nov 19, 2021

Vehicular tracking technologies have become quite popular for the purposes of fleet management in an array of industries, today! Most vehicular tracking systems these days comprise of tracking devices inside the vehicle accompanied by suitable software and a server that facilitates the tracking of the vehicle from a remote location.

Apart from fulfilling the requirements for efficient fleet management such as fleet routing, tracking, dispatching and security, an efficient vehicular tracking system also offers the following advantages –

Cost Reduction

With the exponential increase of fuel costs taking its toll on the economies of the world, more businesses are looking for ways to reduce this cost by tracking over speeding, engine idling times and the most common routes used by drivers. Vehicular tracking systems have been proven to save as much as 15% to 18% on fuel costs.

Increase in Fleet Visibility and Productivity

As vehicular tracking systems provide real-time information on the whereabouts of a vehicle as well as satellite views of its location on a street, highway, it is easy to make decisions based on customer complaints as well as changing weather and traffic conditions. This increased visibility, in turn, results in increased productivity as drivers and other fleet staff are aware that they are constantly being monitored. Better fleet visibility also helps reduce communication costs as there is no need to contact a driver to know what his/her current location is.

Safety and Security Concerns

Increased safety and security are the by-products of a highly functional vehicular tracking system. Drivers can be alerted about over-speeding, careless driving and vehicle/engine failures on-the-spot so that these issues can be rectified immediately. Vehicular theft is also solved by virtue of full-time tracking.

Improved Customer Service

Customers queries and changes in customers requirements can all be dealt with swiftly and seamlessly with the help of vehicle tracking systems. This is especially useful for e-commerce logistics service providers who can change their routes depending on the returns/products to be picked up in a particular area.

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Our Products

  ZUPPA VeTrack AIS 140  

  • Highly functional “plug and play” devices that are operational in a matter of minutes and don’t require any tampering with the vehicular wiring.

  ZUPPA VeTrack Vehicle Telematic Systems

  • A combination of GPS and onboard data, these systems provide performance diagnostics that help reduce operational costs, improve safety, driver performance, customer service, etc.

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