Generation 5 Motherboards Made In India

  • Intels Computing Architectures like i3 , i5 , i7 or QUALCOMM’s S4 , S6 , S7 ,S8 have revolutionised our lives by powering devices like laptops , Mobile phones
  • Presenting ZUPPA’s “ MADE IN INDIA DPCC computing Architecture “ that is powering future ready devices for 5th Generation industries like Drones , Unmanned Systems , ADAS , IoT and Connected Mobility

Importance of Motherboard

  • Motherboard Enable Technology
  • Motherboards connect and control peripherals and sensors to deliver desired outcomes to customers
  • INTEL , QUALLCOMM , AMD Motherboards power devices like Laptops , TABS , Mobiles we use today
  • ZUPPA Motherboards have started powering future devices like Drones , Connected & Driverless vehicles , Industrial IoT that we will use in in the future

Applications Of ZUPPA Motherboards

NavGati Autopilot for Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle –UAV ( Drones )

Unmanned Ground Vehicle – UGV

Unmanned Surface Vehicle – USV

Driverless Automobiles

Vision Guidance Systems

See Through Armour ( STA ) Defence Tanks

Vision assist systems for Automobiles (ADAS )

360 Degree Visual Anti Drone Radar

Obstacle avoidance system for Drones

Wireless Connectivity Gateway

Vehicle Location Telematics Device

Drone Tracking System

Internet Of Things ( IoT )

Cold Chain Monitoring


  • Zuppa Geo Navigation Technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded in the year 2008, by father- son duo, Sai Pattabiram and Venkatesh Sai.
  • Recognized and Funded under Government Of India’s innovation fund for development and scaling of Unmanned Technology
  • Proprietary Unique MADE IN INDIA Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology.
  • Only Drone Company with Type Certified products under both the Ministry Of Civil Aviation's drone ( MOCA) and Ministry Of Road Transportation & Highways ( MORTH ) AIS 140 regulations
  • Only company trusted by India’s leading Defence R & D organization DRDO for development of Generation 5 futuristic defence products
  • Only Drone Company to manufacture Automobile Industry Standard AIS 140 Compliant Ministry Of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH) approved Vehicle Tracking & Locating Device
  • Only Drone Company with AS9100D Aerospace Process Standard

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